Exclusive Italian fashion that we have exclusively on the market. We select collections directly in Italy, unique and extravagant pieces. We offer designer Italian leather handbags, accessories, belts, leather diaries. Discover Florentine fashion silk scarves with rich colors and tradition from the world of fashion, lace luxury nylon socks, accessories, luxury bracelets, glasses in glami outfits and fashion pieces at affordable prices. Be sensually elegant in dresses, hats and create your own style in the MonnaLucia brand.

get in touch with the company, which is the founder Lucia Hašková Medvedíková 


I have been inspired by fashion and beauty since I was a child. I studied business and entrepreneurship, marketing. I started my business 10 years after graduating. The craft of hairdressing and make-up was my hobby, so I opened a beauty salon. I love when women take care of themselves, but of course everything with peace and elegance. Business excellence has been a hard workmanship on the hair stylist and makeup artist. You simply have to have talent from birth. I complemented the business with quality training, which I completed in Italy. This gave me business excellence. I have beautiful memories of starting a business. Over time, I combined business with the cooperation of fashion trading companies from Florence, with which I work to this day. I try to keep success with the production of hand made jewelry, which are made to order according to the customer's idea. I have been on the market since 2011 and since 2017 I specialize in fashion and jewelry. Attractive products combined with successful marketing are key steps to expansion. The combination of responsibility and unlimited product offerings in one's own business is the reason why business becomes a joy. Life experience is a guaranteed inspiration. The city of Trenčín breathes energy and a new restart. I take jewelry and fashion as my diary. There is a difference when I propose for myself or for someone else - there is a compromise. Every piece of jewelry should be easily visible, so I make them and put them in the piece of jewelry. Creating jewelry and paintings is the meaning of my life as my family. I am extremely pleased to be able to offer customers originality and shine. We combine larger accessories with minimalist materials, which we fine-tune with a suitable fashion piece. I have been attending international exhibitions in BOLOGNA, MILAN, INSTANBUL for several years to bring the latest trends and expressions of art to the MONNA LUCIA brand. I believe that you will be satisfied with our excellence. 

I recommend to every woman: A quality wardrobe is an investment in your career and future.

Cooperation with FLAMOR srl

Our project works with a designer from Florence, which is valuable all over the world. A typical characteristic of the Florentine Renaissance, it interprets the tastes and needs of women. Each piece is created by originality. Earrings, rings, bracelets, accessories, handbags in stylish sets. We give you a feeling of energy and life. The jewelry is finished by adding SWAROVSKI and PRECIOSA crystals. Fashion accessories are made of genuine leather and we offer all goods from quality materials. Jewelry should not be exposed to creams, perfumes, soaps, salt water. Monnaluna - Flamor srl, uses WIX technology. We are honored that we are the exclusive distributor for the Slovak market.